Red Rock Balloon Rally

Balloon RallyThe Red Rock Balloon Rally is the premier event for balloonists in the U.S. and the second largest balloon event in the World.  Prior to launch day, the balloons participate in a glow at night, where all the balloons are lit up in the night sky.  Once the event begins, over 200 balloons rise at once over the breathtaking red mesas of New Mexico, bathed in the sunrise of the Southwest sun.

The event is available to balloonists by invitation only but spectators can usually catch a ride with balloonists at the event to get the once in a lifetime opportunity of riding in a hot air balloon during the mass ascension of balloons.

If you are traveling through Gallup and would like to ride in a hot air balloon, we can help you arrange the trip.  The El Rancho Hotel has teamed up with local balloon enthusiasts to offer travelers the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon throughout the year.  If you want to learn more about a private hot air balloon ride, click here.

The event is usually held in the first week of December.  Rooms sell out fast so you should book well ahead of the event if you wish to attend.

The event also includes a balloon glow, Indian dances, and general festivity throughout Gallup during the event.

Here are some Videos from the Red Rock Balloon Rally