Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a photographers dream.  There is a serene peace while in the canyon that seems to be created by the way the light dances across the sandstone slot canyon in uniquely beautiful ways.

Antelope Canyon is in a remote location and takes approximately 4.5 hours to drive from the El Rancho Hotel.  As such, it is best visited from the El Rancho on a trip heading West toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon or on a trip to Zion National Park.

We recommend traveling West from Gallup toward Utah to see Antelope Canyon, visiting numerous National Parks,including Monument Valley, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park, before continuing to Las Vegas or Los Angeles, rather than taking the more traveled Interstate through central Arizona.

If you have any questions about your trip or need help planning it, feel free to ask a staff member at the El Rancho Hotel who will be happy to assist you.

We hope you enjoy these images of Antelope Canyon: